Expanded Internal DNS Records


Currently we can create A Records for internal hosts to resolve DNS names. We would like to see if it would be possible to expand that to include more DNS types like (TXT, SVR, CNAME, etc). Some internal services rely on the publication of those records (Apple Caching Server for example).


+1 for this feature request !!


I’d like to take it a step further and allow the import zone feature that is available for the WAN DNS server, to add to individual LAN/VLANs as you would “stub zones” in an MS DNS server.

This “stub zone” should also respond to automatic updates from the DNS server the “stub zone” was imported from, so that a centralized DNS server (like an Active Directory integrated DNS) at a headquarters location could notify branch office routers over Speed Fusion to keep these “stub zones” up to date.


We have an enterprise application for this need. It would be nice to set the local domain and have the local dns on the router cache the domain records. This would allow for districbuted DNS load as well as make DNS very fast on the local sites. DNS forwarders can be set just like in a DNS AD server.

in local cache, set local domain, set AD servers
the Peplink would sync with AD servers and offer DNS