Existing incontrol 2 devices

With the recent pubic announcement that incontrol 2 will no longer be free what does this mean for us customers that have already been using the service to manage or configurations, firmware, and devices? will we still be able to utilize incontrol 2 once a device goes out of warranty or will we be forced to purchase an extended warranty or incontrol 2 subscription?

I just want to point out that a lot of people purchase peplink/pepave products specifically for the free cloud management. I know I have been looking forward to incontrol 2 to manage my AP Ones for a long time now since incontrol has to many issues.

Please reconsider your model.


A device does need to be in warranty for IC2 to manage the device as of right now. Otherwise if out of warranty you will need to get the device back into warranty or purchase a IC2 Subscription which is fairly cheap in regards to all of the exceptional capabilities that InControl2 provides to you.