Every 8 hours drop LTE connection - Max BR1 Mini

I am having an issue with my Max BR1 Mini, it is dropping LTE connection every 8 hours, is this the carrier or my device? Signal is NOT degrading at time of LTE loss. Network automatically comes back and doesn’t require reboot. However, if I am on a virtual meeting I loose connectively for about a minute.

Health Check is disabled

Unit is not losing power, it is on a UPS and has back-up generator.

Device Model - MAX BR1 Mini LTE
Firmware Version - 8.1.1s033 build 5014

Well, it certainly looks like you have done everything “right!” My strong bet is that it is your carrier. At least in the USA, some carriers, in some markets (but not others) seem to refresh their DHCP pool periodically, although I am not saying that’s what’s happening here. We have not seen the behavior your describe with BR1s. Any chance you may have an alternate to SIM to test with?

This is in the Bahamas using Band 17, carrier is BTC, Bahamas Telephone Company. Not sure if that helps. It did appear to me that it maybe a carrier DHCP refresh, I will have to speak with them and see if that is what they are doing.

I agree – a call to BTC wold be a good next step. Hopefully you can find someone who is knowledgeable and helpful.