Event log messages disappear

I updated a Surf SOHO hardware version 1, from firmware 6.2.2 build 1790 to 6.3 build 1967 and enabled the new DHCP logging feature in 6.3. While running 6.3 I did see a couple messages in the log about the router giving out an IP address. Then, when I rebooted back to firmware 6.2.2 the DHCP messages were no longer in the event log.

Not the biggest problem in the world, but it does seem like a problem. Unless each firmware gets its own copy of the Event log? It seems not however.

Thank you.

Hi Michael,

This is related to the event logs displaying filtering for the WebUI. Seem firmware version 6.2.2 doesn’t support “DHCP Server Logging”, thus the DHCP logging will not show after you downgraded the device using firmware 6.2.2.

You should able to get back the DHCP logs after you upgrade back the device using firmware version 6.3.0

Thank You

So, as the old joke goes, its not a bug, its a feature :slight_smile:
OK, but it should be documented as such. Thanks.

Hi Michael,

Noted. Thanks for your suggestion.