Ethernet LAN Port Speed issue

Hi there,

I am experiencing some issues with wired LAN clients and the ethernet speed between them.

I am have a Surf SOHO (latest firemware 8.0.2 build 1480), my PC and a NAS are connected to the router. Both Gigabit LAN. All my cables are new and CAT6 or CAT7.

When copying a file (e.g. 5GB) from the PC to the NAS (vlan with inter-vlan routing between PC and NAS vlan), the speed is roughly 2,5 MB/s.
Port Settings: Auto with Advertise Speed ticked.

After setting the Port Speed to 1Gbps Full Duplex with Advertise Speed ticked, the speed went up to 14MB/s. Unfortunately one of my other connected devises lost the connection, propably no Gb NIC installed.

So after setting the Speed to 100MB/s Full Duplex with Advertise Speed ticked, the speed went up to 10 MB/s and all devices worked again.
Unticking the Advertise Speed dropped the speed to <1 MB/s so back to ticking this option.

Are this normal speed values? Are there any settings to improve the LAN Speed?
Is there a way to set a specific Speed limit per port, to use Gbps and Mbps depending on the device?

Additional: While copying the file, the response time of the GUI of the Surf SOHO was very slow and sometimes could not connect anymore.

Thank you in advance for your help and thoughts!

Can somebody help me with my issue or was it not understandable?

Thank you!

In your statements I think you are using MB = MegaBytes and Mb = Megabits interchangeably. 8bits in each byte. If you want to test throughput, CIFS is not a reliable measurement tool. If you are able to use FTP, that is better for measuring throughput. 14MB/s = 112Mb/s which depending on the hard drives used is probably expected speed for constant sequential writing to a hard drive. When you set the interface to 100Mb you saw 10MB = 80Mb/s which is probably as good as you’ll get using CIFS on a 100Mb interface.

Specs list routing throughput on a Surf SOHO at 120Mb/s, so it sounds like your hitting the max that router is capable of.