Equipment for mobile broadcaster

Hi. I’m sport events streamer (hockey, socker etc) and i have some difficulties with Internet connection on event spot. I stream all my video to youtube in HD quality (1280x720, 30fps), so it require at least 3mb/s Internet chanell.
I thik to use one of MAX On-The-Go device (MAX-OTG-U4-SF) on my Video Camera side. But i do’nt know what to use in other side of channel? As i understand, MAX device create VPN through agregated four USB 3G/4G modems to my “Data Center”:smiley: with direct WAN connetction. So can you advise me some divece to terminate my channel on Data Center?
Thanks in advance…


May I know you are looking for this kind of connection?

MOTG – SpeedFusion Bonding –> Balance router (Data Center) –> Internet (Youtube)

I sure Yes ! But if you have solution like this: MOTG --1Gb_Connetction – Internet(Youtube), i gonna take it !:cool:
As far as i understand TCP/IP protocol stack, it is possible only by network interfaces aggregation (USB Modems) on one side (MOTG), and then assemble packets on other side (Balance router). Because each USB-modem will have it’s own individual IP address.
So, your kind of connection is one and only…


  1. MOTG > Multiple 3G/4G links > Internet (Youtube)
    MOTG is doing per session load balancing. For example video 1 will upload via Mobile Internet 1, video 2 will upload via Mobile Internet 2 and so on.

  2. MOTG – SpeedFusion Bonding –> Balance router (Data Center) –> Internet (Youtube)
    We are doing per packet load balancing with our proprietary protocol. Thus we can aggregate multiple links via SpeedFusion tunnel.

Please take note MOTG supports 100Mbps router throughput and 20Mbps SpeedFusion throughput.

I think that i need second schema. I need per packet balancing, “landing” in my home office, where installed balance router with fat WAN channel (fiber optic).
So what can you advise as a ballance router for this schema?


You may find the our spec here. Please take note you may need 1350 at data center if you need 1Gbps throughput and MOTG may not suitable.

About 1Gb it was a joke :o 100mb is enough. As i can see spec, i need something with SpeedFusion technology. Nearest device in BPL-210/310, but i can’t see its price in your store…
Or it possible to enable SpeedFusion in smallest devices, like BPL 021/031/050 for few dollars more?

SpeedFusion is available on the Balance 210 or above. You can look for a reseller in your area for pricing and support: