Enforce traffic from remote VPN site to go through a specific WAN locally


I have a remote office connected to my local office via Speedfusion. Remote office has a Balance 210 and Local office has a Balance 310. The connection between the two offices is working fine. The remote office is connected through the wan ports on a dedicated line (Ubiquity antennas). Then a VPN is created between the two peplink routers.

Currently the remote office has only the dedicated line connected to it’s WAN port. All internet requests have to go thorugh the local office. This will change soon, but it is the current situation.

One of the devices on the Remote office is picky about which ISP it can use. Is it possible to direct specific traffic from the Remote office to a specific WAN port in the local office after it is transferred via Speedfusion?

I have already tried many combinations of the outbound routes. 1. Set the remote office to send everything to the VPN. 2. Set the IP address of the device in the remote office to connect to the proper WAN in the Local office.

Local office:
WAN 1:Device needs to use only this
WAN2: The wrong one for the device. Services for the device don;t work on this ISP
WAN3:Dedicated line to remote office
SpeedFusionVPN connected to remote office
outbound rule: Send all traffic to WAN1

Remote office:
WAN 1: Currently Empty
WAN2: Dedicated line to local office
SpeedfusionVPN connected to local office
Device needing specific Wan access is
Outbound rule: Send EVERYTHING to SpeedfusionVPN connection

Appreciate anyone’s input!

May I know which algorithm you used for this outbound rule? This outbound rule is at the top sequence? Possible to provide screenshot of your Outbound Policies?

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