Enable/use speedfusion only when certain WANs are available

Is there a way to enable/use speedfusion only when certain WANs are available?

Use case: speed fusion primarily used for WAN smoothing/FEC for critical devices/applications (e.g. VoIP/WiFi calling/video conferencing) when WiFi WAN and Cellular are both available and connected. Additionally, some times WiFi WAN is an insecure network (public hotspot) so Speedfusion is used to encrypt. However, when WiFi WAN is not available, cellular is the only WAN. Due to bandwidth limitations and cost of cellular, the speedfusion overhead can be significant. Is there a way to configure so speedfusion tunnels are only used when WiFi WAN is available/in use? All other times when its just cellular, the traffic flows directly over cellular not using speed fusion tunnels? This could also help in situations where cellular is not stable, the device will not be constantly connecting and reconnecting to tunnels.

Well, you can restrict speedfusion so it only uses wifi WAN, but i can’t imagine a way to use SF with wifi wan and cellular then if wifi wan fails stop using cellular.

I would like to use both WiFi WAN + Cellular for Smoothing, when both are available. Some times in locations where each WAN is unstable but put all together, you can get a stable connection using Smoothing.