Enable browse to WAN gateway when internet down

We have a number of max-br1 units in the field with cellular backup.

Just ran into a few situations where the ISP modem needs to be reconfigured. There is no one at the location who can do it locally, so I need to be able to connect remotely. I do have pepvpn connection to the max-br1.
The max-br1 does have a wan IP address and gateway vie DHCP.
So, from the max-br1 you can ping the gateway, but because the wan is down you cannot connect to the gateway in order to configure it in order to bring up the primary internet.

I do understand that on the max series only one wan can be live at a time, but I am asking if an enhancement can be made to allow you to browse to just the gateway IP even when the cellular is active. This would allow us to come in over the pepvpn on the cellular, get out to the ISP modem, fix it and get off the cellular.

I am not asking for both wan ports to be fully live - just to be able to reach the gateway on the wan when it is not primary.

+1 for this.
Definitely would help in some tight spots1

Hi all,

This can be achieved with settings below.

BR1’s WAN IP -
BR1’s WAN Gateway -
BR1’s WAN Status - Health check failed

BR1’s Cellular Status - Active


  1. Enforce to WAN1 (Advanced > SpeedFusion > Outbound Custom Rules > Add Rule)
  • Source - Any
  • Destination -
  • Protocol - Any
  • Algorithm - Enforced
  • Enforced Connection - WAN

Hope this help.

This did work - thank you very much. Seems like the easiest way to access it is to add a remote access user, connect to that, then add a route (in windows) to direct the wan subnet to the unit. Have to either do this or add a bunch of routes in other places, because that static rule does not (and should not) get broadcast.
BR1’s WAN IP -
BR1’s WAN Gateway -
BR1’s WAN Status - Health check failed

BR1’s Cellular Status - Active

After adding the enforce to the wan rule, I added a remote access user (PPTP)
Then connected to it. Say I received dhcp IP when I connected to the PPTP VPN
I then open a command prompt and enter
route add mask

I can then browse to the ISP gateway at
This is a GREAT tool to be able to use. When the ISP modem at a remote site is replaced, or loses it’s settings we can connect and fix it instead of walking an idiot…I mean a moron…I mean the remote site manager through logging in and making changes. Since it is a pretty rare event, it does not matter that there are a few steps involved