EIGRP Cisco Interperablity

I’m trying to create a VPN tunnel with my remote site which have a Cisco router and configured with EIGRP Cisco protocol for the DMVPN Tunnel, is there any way at the Peplink side to sort this issue in order to establish the Tunnel without changing the EIGRP at the router side.
Below is the Int config on the remote site.

interface Tunnel11
description New DMVPN Cloud 1
ip address 10.xx.xx.xx
no ip redirects
ip nhrp authentication DMVPN_NW
ip nhrp map multicast xx.xx.xx.xx
ip nhrp map xx.xx.x.x x.x.x.x
ip nhrp network-id xxxx
ip nhrp nhs x.x.x.x
ip nhrp registration timeout 30
zone-member security Outside
ip summary-address eigrp x.x.x.0
ip tcp adjust-mss 1360
delay 1000
cdp enable
tunnel source GigabitEthernet 0/0
tunnel mode gre multipoint
tunnel key xxxxxx
tunnel protection ipsec profile CiscoCP_Profile1

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Same problem but without EIGRP routing. Can’t establish Tunnel