DYNDNS and Balance 20 - Authentication Error

I have just setup a new Balance 20, upgraded to latest firmware…

Have setup a DynDNS Pro account and configured my Balance.

(for security reasons - I’ll just use some pseudonyms)

On DynDNS, account “name” with password “pass” was used to setup domain “name”.dontexist.net

Initially it was setup with the current IP of the outside of WAN2 of the Balance, my comcast cable modem.

If you go to https://“name”.dontexist.net you get the admin page of the Balance.

So, all is good there…

In the Balance I have…

Service Provider: dyndns.org
User: “name”
Pass: “pass”
Domain: “name”.dontexist.net

All should work - but it doesn’t…

I get… Comcast Cable Modem: DDNS domain “name”.dontexist.net update failed.
Authentication error. (Error code: 2)

Solved it myself with the help of the nice people at DynDNS

Cannot have “HTTP reserved characters” in the password.

Thanks for updating us on this. Enjoy your Peplink!