Dynamic DNS update a BIND server via nsupdate

Please add Dynamic DNS update features that don’t require third party “free” services, for example update a BIND server via nsupdate utility or update a tld registry via Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP).

Why not use third party “free” services?
Because free, never is free. See for example dyndns.com which “updates” their account SLA: pay $ 10 per year or you need to log in to the web interface every 30 days. Failure to login once per month will result in expiration and loss of your hostname.

We can set up a secure DDNS service using the BIND DNS server and the nsupdate utility. Still, we need to have control on a machine with a static IP somewhere on the public Internet. nsupdate is the tool needed to update the IP on the BIND DNS server.

We really need Dynamic DNS update BIND via nsupdate, as there are no European dynamic DNS providers.