Dynamic DNS domain issue


I have configured Dynamic DNS in WAN1 and its working fine.
But If the WAN1 link is down it should switch to WAN2 link where I have already configured the same Dyna DNS as of WAN1.

Is it possible to switch Dyna DNS between WAN1 and WAN2 … ??
ie if WAN1 fails it should take from WAN2 and if WAN2 fails it should take from WAN1 …and If both are up …it should switch to WAN1 which has highest weight age.

The DYN DNS address should be unique for each WAN connection, not the same.

Oh. ok

but we need our website running without any downtime …
So If WAN1 is down our website will not work …becoz internet traffic will switch to WAN2 and we get only internet to the users…but nobody can access our company website from outside

If you need to run the same DYNDNS hostname for both WANs you will need to configure WAN2 as Back-up priority. This will not work with both WANs connected at the same time using the same DYNDNS hostname (They will need to be unique).

should work with one WAN as active and the secondary WAN as back-up only using the same hostname.