Dual WAN Port Forwarding


I have been looking at solutions for an issue I have, I’d like a load balancer to manage multiple WANs / IP addresses and port forward to an internal VPN server in a failover situation.

I.e. if the main internet link goes down, the port forwarding still works from the other IP address.

Do any peplink products offer this ?

Hi Rodeofx:

Welcome to the forum! As for your question, the short answer is “absolutely”. You can setup inbound Port Forwarding to take advantage of all your available WAN connections.

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so in the situation of a link being down, the packets will still being forwarded to the other link?

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Hi Rodeofx:

Yup, you can setup your rule to have both internet connections available.

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Look for inbound load balancing as a feature if you want the Peplink load balancer to do that for you, otherwise you can have dual active WANs (two different IPs) and configure port forwarding on both then if one fails you can use the other IP.

Or. you can host a Fusionhub virtual VPN appliance in the cloud which has a single public IP and port forward from there over VPN to the LAN IP of your internal server. This way your WAN IPs can change on your router but the IP in the cloud stays the same, you can even use hot failover and it will be seamless.



Please refer to the following forum post on how inbound load balancing work.

You may need to contact Peplink local partner for assistance as it’s involved of how DNS query work for the domains and it’s not limited to configure the Balance device only.

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