Dual cell modems and VSAT for ship based connectivity


I am trying to determine which Peplink product to purchase and or if I need two units to do everything. I am building a network on a ship that transits between two countries. When it is in port I want to use the cell modem for data. I can not use my Balance 305 with a single USB for this application because I need two different cell modems with sim cards from two different carriers in two different countries.

I am trying to avoid high roaming charges from each Country A or Country B cell plan while the ship is in Country B or A respectively.

Does the inControl software provide for GPS on off control of individual modems on one of the dual sim dual radio units?

Complicating the selection process is that I need to integrate this with a VSAT satellite link while the ship is at sea, which works fine with the Balance 305, but now in this new application I also need two land based modems from each country we visit and the ability to shut down or restrict the use based on location.


Hello @TonyDAoust,
Have you looked at the Geo Fencing options available with the various Peplink solutions?
Also you may need to have two seperate modems depending on the countries, there are a few diferent chipsets used arround the world to maintain the various different standards.

Can you share the two countries?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


I have looked at geofencing and that might also be a solution. The simplest would be to turn off a particular modem by location. I am trying to sort out the least number of devices required to be able to do all of this. Bermuda and USA is where this network will go between, thanks for the suggestion I’m still digging into this.


Best would be to use a cellular model of Peplink like the Max HD2. You can apply for each sim card a white or blacklist in which country it should work or not work based on mobile country code