Dual BR1 configuration

Hi all, newbie here :slight_smile:

I have this situation:

  • a BR1 acting as AP (from here R) with a IP camera connected to the lan eth interface
  • another BR1 acting as a wifi client (from here M) connected on wan side to R’s wi-fi; on M lan side I have some clients (pc and a video recorder)

I need to make video recorder on M lan side to connect to the IP camera
I have no experience with BR1 and have inherited the infra

M lan is 10.0.1.X, R wifi is 192.168.50.X, M gets its wan IP via dhcp (
ATM I can ping successfully the IP camera on but can’t connect to it

is there anything I’m missing?


You don’t really need two BR1’s to accomplish this as the BR1 fully supports simultaneous Wi-Fi as WAN and AP. You can have all the devices on a single subnet and they would be able to see and talk directly with each other.

hi, thank you for your answer…

my bad, I forgot to tell that both M and R are needed (don’t ask me why :smiley: )

Its hard to know why this isn’t working since you can ping from the M Site LAN ( to the Camera on the R LAN ( so there is connectivity…

If i were to guess, I would be thinking that since the BR1 with the attached video recorder is using WiFi from the other BR1 (with the camera) as a ‘WAN’ connection there is NAT going on which could be blocking inbound traffic from the camera.

First thing I would do to test would be to set up inbound NAT mappings on the wifi wan connection (on the BR1 -M location) to the LAN IP of the video recorder (Advanced -> NAT Mappings) and see if that fixes it.