DSC-Rug vs APO-rug with Balance One Router

We just ordered a APO-Rug through Amazon and the 4/5g store shipped us the DSC-Rug instead.

We have a balance one peplink router that should be used as the AP Controller. However, plugging the DSC-Rug lan directly into the peplink router lan - still no AP device shows up under the balance one AP devices.

Is the DSC-Rug capable of being managed by the AP Controller on the balance one? Or do you need the APO-Rug?

Keep in mind both devices are using the latest firmeware of the time of this writing.

@Kyle_Watson, the AP One and Device Connector series are two different Wi-Fi solutions to cater for different deployment scenarios. You should be using the AP One Rugged if it is to be managed by Balance One.

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Correct, which is why we ordered the APO-Rug :stuck_out_tongue:

Just double checking if it could be salvaged.