Drop-in mode


I have My Main Cisco,and have /21 network from ISP-1 routed to the input for Cisco router and the output connected into WAN1 of Peplink the LAN its connected to clients and WAN2 WAN3 for Backup links ISP-2,ISP3,

the IP connection between users and Cisco im use private IP/30 of between user and Cisco and I route /28 or /29 IP to the client in the Cisco and Peplink ,

the problem I have Multiple private IPs for each user with mask of /30 , what is the correct IP I must Use it on the peplink , now fail over its not work and the peplink work as Bridge.

When I’m use on public IP and all user connect through it its work fine but i can’t route them IP. (( They must Be connected directly into peplink ))


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Hello Ahmed,

I do apologize about the delay in response to your issues. To try and troubleshoot further, what I would like you to do is to create a service ticket at the following link with your information and we can escalate matters as need be that way.

Here is the link to create a ticket-


If you could also send in a network diagram along with your IP scheme, I am hopeful with that information we can get you the answer.

Best Regards,


The Peplink Team