Drop-in mode transaprent

Hi all,
Just install an HD4 on my network and configure it in drop-in mode with my link.
I am surprise because it seem despite the drop-in mode (understand drop-in is link transparent), the pep is natted my traffic.
All my traffic go to internet with the pep’s drop-in IP address.
strange ??
Can I disable it and make pep completly trasmparent ??


Traffic should not get a NAT going out the drop-in mode WAN. The drop-in mode IP addresses do get a NAT to the secondary WAN interfaces when going out those WANs.

Devices on the LAN need to be static IPs using the router on the WAN side of the HD4 for the default gateway. Outbound policy rules allow you to choose how to route traffic.


HI Ron,
I was 100% agree with you BUT …
My pep is currently installed between my fw and my telco router in drop-in mode.
Pep’s IP is .90
FW’s IP is .91.
Without pep, I am seen on the web with my .91 IP
With the Pep, My ip is .90.
Maybe I miss something but don’t think so.