Drop in mode problem(how can i use my public WAN ip for drop in mode)

Please help i will use drop in mode on my balance 1350 my Wan IP is So my peplink IP should be right? and my sophos firewall IP should be right? but my firewall has /24 internal IP and already connected to the end users on its 3rd port so when i use drop in mode does my end users will use .209 IP? or .2 ip? 2nd question is if i use drop in mode the telco only gives me i have no extra ip like .208 and 209 IP which i will used in peplink and firewall what should I do? it is expensive to request an extra public IP address and then ill just use it for drop in mode purpose :frowning: can somebody help me on this it would be a great help at my end thank you in advance peplink community.

  1. May I know what is the subnet mask (255.255.255.?) of your pubilc IP?

  2. Can you share the graphical network diagram to show how the related devices (e.g. ISP routers, Balance 1350, Sophos firewall) were interconnected with the IP addresses?

Please refer here for better understanding of Drop-in mode.

Hi Sir TK Liew thank you for the link you have provided me i’am now running in drop in mode but my problem is if wan 1 cuts off the internet connection will not take over to wan 2 and wan 3 this is the problem i’am facing right now but so far peplink is awesome can you please elaborate me the nature of drop in mode it would be a great help at my end thank you very much for the help.

Can you provide the info I requested here? This allowed me to provide better advice on your problem.

May I know what is your firewall gateway?

Here it is Sir TK Liew

Wan 1 with drop in mode cannot fail over to wan 2 i have used the wan 1 d.g on firewall sir

Another relevant problem
I am using a peplink router to loadbalance 6 internet lines from ISPs with 6 static IP addresses. It is loadbalanced working well.

Now I want to use a Mikrotik router as a hotspot gateway. This mikrotik is connected to the Peplink by a fixed LAN IP address of the Peplink. The Mikrotik router also get one of the static IP address from ISP. However, the IP address is always changed among its 6 IP addresses. This thing makes the hotspot gateway cannot work properly.

So, could you guys guide me how to config the Peplink so that the Mikrotik get only one IP address?? but the peplink still has loadbalance of the 6 internet lines.
I am waiting for your guide. Thank you!!

Your attachment was hidden to avoid any security threat from public. Anyway, I already got the info. The configuration looks fine.

  1. Do you mean firewall default gateway is x.x.x.233?

  2. May I know you can’t access all websites (websites support HTTP and HTTPS) after WAN1 was down?

  3. Please change all WAN DNS IP to and to confirm this will help.


Found that you had opened a new forum thread for this. Let’s discuss this using the following forum thread.

Thank you

1.yes firewalls d.g id x.x.x.33
2.yes cant access in the internet when wan 1 is downand
3. cant change the dns to and my static IP wont up, the error is wan failed

Sir i have just 1 clarification because i cant find the answer correct me if i’am wrong the nature of drop in mode i used wan1 and wan1 is down wan2 will take over? even if wan2 is not in drop in mode? is this it?

Yes you are correct. If WAN1 with drop in mode fails then all outbound traffic will automatically go out WAN2 and WAN3.


Tim is right. WAN1 with drop in mode fails then all outbound traffic will automatically go out WAN2 and WAN3.

You have to make sure WAN health check is enabled for all the connected WANs in-order WAN fail over can work.

If you still having issue to make it work, please open a support ticket here for the team to further check.

Thank You

In this case if

  • WAN1 is drop in mode and WAN2 NAT mode.
  • WAN1 and WAN2 is difference ISP

so is traffic still can go out by WAN2 when WAN1 is down ?


Your question is more to WAN fail-over and by default if WAN1 fail all traffics will send via WAN2.