Drop Down Menu For Firewall Rules and Outbound Policy

It would be really nice to be able to send my VoIP network to the 3 different data center networks that the customer provisioning and sip server are mirrored on. This would only be needed personally for outbound firewall rules and outbound policy.

Outbound Firewall Rules:

Protocol: UDP
Source IP: Network - Mask -
Source Port: Single Port- 5060
Destination IP: Network - 69.56.134.x Mask -
39.45.125.x Mask -
45.57.234.x Mask -
Destination Port: Single Port- 5060
Action: Allow

*And same exact thing for the outbound policy, so I don’t have to create all these outbound policies and firewall rules for the same port.



I do see what you mean here and definitely see how this could be a beneficial tool as far as having the ability to define multiple subnets to lessen the number of fw rules needed.
Appreciate any feedback from other customers as well.

Just wanted to add:

It would also be nice to be able to put in numerous MAC addresses for the Source IP section of the outbound policy. Say we have 8 AP’s and we want to send all traffic through tcp port 80. It would be nice to not have to create 8 outbound policies for 8 different AP’s that are only being used for guest web surfing.

Any chance, this would be considered for future firmware release?

Hi tjvoip45,

This is a feature queued on hand. Stay tuned!