Downloading 3 files use the speed of 1 WAN on my Peplink 30!

Hey guys,
When I download 3x Streams simultaneously, the router shares a little proportion of each WAN and the result is 1 WAN speed distributed among the 3 downloading files!
Here’s my setup:
Download Manager= IDM
3 Files Links= from Apple servers
Connected WANs= 3
ISP= the same
Load Balance settings= as shown below

Any help would be highly appreciated!

The ISP you are using is heavily contended and there is no benefit to you to subscribe to multiple plans from this same ISP. I strongly urge you to consider dropping 2 of those plans and acquire different ISP connections.

Your other option would be to complain to your current ISP that they are not providing the bandwidth you are paying for, in hopes that they will increase their back-haul capacity. This may work, but they might also just remind you that this is an “up to” service and bandwidth is not guaranteed.

This is no fault of the Peplink. We have thousands of customers that use our products and are very pleased, otherwise we wouldn’t be in business.

Well, I’m sure it’s no fault of the ISP either since load balancing doesn’t require a special technique like the bonding to get working.
I think something has to be done to the outbound policy maybe, I don’t know. I wish I knew!

There is nothing wrong with the outbound policy, I think you are missing the point I am trying to make regarding your ISP’s actual overall bandwidth capacity…

First step would be to do some speed testing (, and see if your able to get the max speeds from each WAN. Then do it again concurrently with two or three PC’s - one per WAN. Also do it during the busy hours, for a proper test. Then you will know if you really can do 1 + 1 + 1 = 3.

You might find your 3 DSL’s are all on the one port, and its load shared…

Your rule above will need to be improved upon for SSL, and for steaming services like netflix. They wont tolerate different IP’s across streams.