Downloadable PDF Reports

Hi Peplink Support!

Is it possible to download reports as “.pdf”?
IF not, can you make it happen in the next release? :slight_smile:

thx & BR


This would be nice from IC2.
Also a automatic weekly/monthly PDF emailed to different people. (more details reports for technical users and overviews for management)

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Hello Peplink Engineering,
We would have to give a +1 to this request.

Although we can access the API (as mentioned by @Michael in the quoted post above, we currently do not have the resources to develop our own reporting system (though it is something we are considering and would then make available to others as we have system with other industry like SCADA that need to all be centralised).
We have attempted many workarounds already in attempting to help our growing customers with printing the existing report screens.

Now here is a real challenge, what if instead of getting printable reports as a PDF, you could get a link that can be emailed manually or scheduled with the online cloud report required, this could give options for access to reports that are a snapshot in time or dynamically update every time the like is resisted.

Very open to helping you with evaluating and testing this, let us know how we can contribute.
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

We understand that some users may not have programming experience. So we prepared a sample shell script. A download link is included on the API documentation page (at bottom of the description). Just follow the instructions inside the script to input some credential information, and modify an API path, you could make the API call with ease.

We will look into PDF generation. But we just don’t want you to hold your breath too much time.

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Add me also as a +1 for this feature

In the meantime you could add a “Print” button that takes you to a HTML formatted page, then we can print the reports to PDF.