Download slowdown on 6.3.1 build 3138 for Xfinity connection

My xfinity connection used to show download speeds of 200Mbits/sec. Now with 6.3.1 version of the software I’m getting less than 150Mbits/sec because the cpu is 90% utilized on downloads during speedtest.

I also added a second firewall rule to support rdp mapping on a different address but don’t think this had the slowing effect.

I’m using for the testing.


Hi Rich,

Are you getting 200Mbps download speed on previous firmware version? If so, please help to downgrade to previous firmware version. Will you get 200Mbps download speed immediately after the downgrade?

Thank you.

Where can I find the old firmware? I see a lot of links to current firmware but nothing for 6.3.0.


Well I downloaded the old 6.3.0 and it did improve some, but nowhere near 200Mbps. Now I’m not sure if it’s the router CPU pegging at all, or whether something else is going on, like with my provider Comcast/Xfinity.

However the router CPU is still pegged when it goes fastest. Could it be that an additional access rule is slowing it down?


We will always recommend to keep the latest firmware. Regarding to the performance issue, i would think that this may related to environment influence that cause you can’t get the desire performance.

Can you please provide the details info below for us to further analyze the performance issue:

  1. Product model
  2. Hardware version
  3. Total WAN connected to the device.
  4. Number of users behind the device.

Thank You