Download diagnostic report from InControl

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Everything is in the title, that would be super useful and do not exist or has not been requested yet to my knowledge.

If we push it further, download one automatically 2 days before the end of warranty maybe?



+1 From me. Would be really useful.


Sounds great

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This could nicely sit with the Device Tool options.
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I remember a member of the Peplink support team setting up auto upload of diagnostic file to IC2 every two hours for a device so they had the last diagnostic file before a unit crashed but this was for troubleshooting and done on the back end

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Yes this is possible. We just want a front end for it, and I doubt they want the storage overhead of a mountain of diag files. Perhaps IC2 could archive them to our individual attached dropbox accounts?

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I agree with the storage thing. If it was limited to two diagnostic files per device, that might help but routing them to an external storage service would help!
I must now dig up the ticket and see who did this for us. Would also be interesting to see if the dumps are still happening and how much storage is used by it!

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We have a similar discussion with a partner in May this year. We already scheduled to implement the feature in 2.8.3. (The internal request ID is 20748). Just as what Marcus suggests, the download screen will be put in the Device Tools screen. Users will be allowed to request a diagnostic report file from a device when the device is online. A download link to the last collected file will also be displayed.

We understand different users would have different requirements on the file retrieval. So we decided to provide an API for this. So you could download and keep any number of files at any time as you wish.