Downgrading to 6.2.1 build 1757

I am currently running 6.3 build 1967 on one SURF and 6.2.1 build 1757 on the other one. I have had nothing but trouble with the box running 6.3 with it dropping the WAN connection and even though I have logged a trouble ticket I have not received any satisfactory answers.

Given that my second SURF seems to be stable, I would like to downgrade the firmware of the one running 6.3. Can you please point me to the 6.2.1 build 1657 image?


If you could provide the ticket number I can check into it and as well as to provide the 6.2.1 firmware there.

I sent you a PM

Hello williard,

I have not received a PM message yet, if you could resend.

“Jarid Petermann has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.”

Nice catch, feel free to resend.