Don't upgrade your MOTG units to 6.1.2 build 1550!

All three of the MOTG units I installed the new firmware on experienced catastrophic failures in the field. No ability to reliably keep an Internet connection live, random loss of connectivity, ect.

Only way I was able to keep my units online was to downgrade to the previous Firmware.

Thanks for your report. Can you create a support ticket by visiting ?

Thank you.


Please open ticket here for further checking.

Already did. Been talking to you guys since this afternoon.

I am having a similar issue with a Balance 20 on 6.1.2 build 2717. Submitted a support ticket just now.


Left the office last night at 10pm and by 3am I had all my units running smoothly on 6.1.0

The weirdest part about this error is that while the local Internet users couldn’t get out to the internet, I could remote into their computers using Logmein.

When I would run a troubleshoot on the local network I would get a DNS error.

I sent in a diagnostic file so we will see what they come back with.


Your case under investigation. Will follow up via Ticket system.


The beta versions of 6.1.2 are all still working properly. It was only when I upgraded to 1550 that I experienced the issues.


Thank you for the info. We will take note on this.

The units I downgraded to 6.1.0 are having the same problems.

What you described here, is exactly what I am experiencing with Balance One routers on two different client locations. I can VPN in but cannot get Internet access outbound. A modem reboot fixes everything for a while before it happens repeatedly.

This problem start as soon as I updated to FW 6.1.2 build 1597

I would rollback firmware but I do not know where to find previous versions.

Any help would be appreciated. Trying to resolve this before the weekend is up.


When you reboot your unit from the GUI, you have an option to select the current firmware or rollback.

The peplink he guys had me change my DNS to and this in convert with running a speed fusion setup seems to have fixed my problems.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. I will give it a go.

Already had my DNS set to and

Hi Larussa,

If your problem persists, please log your case here.


Still having issues with this guys.

Are we hoping that a new firmware update will fix these problems or am I stuck with the older firmware?


Need more info on the problem you are facing now. Appreciate if you can open ticket here and provide the description on this.

Thank you.

The syslg shows a Time Sync Fail over and over again.

Local user has no internet access.

Reboot fixes the problem.

Its hapening on random devices on both 6.1.0 and 6.1.2 firmware.

All MOTG are connected via speedfusion to my server unit which is setup with incontrol2.

I have sent multiple support requests for this issue.

I am not the only person with these problems.

Do you guys have any idea what is wrong with our devices?


By default time is synced via our NTP Server You will see this setting by going to System>Time: Server.

To test I would change the time server to a public time server to see if the issue is still persistent:

For a full list:

Tried the new TimeServer. So far so good. Thanks for the tip!

Still have this problem with your time server. Why doesn’t this work correctly?

Is the official fix to use a different time server or is this not a big enough issue to warrant a patch on the firmware?