Domain Name rules and DNS cache

I think I’m seeing an incompatibility between Domain Name based rules and the DNS Proxy cache on the peplink. I will setup a new rule based on domain and it will work great. A few hours later it will fail. Turn off DNS caching and it works fine. It seems like since the cache is kept on the peplink device, it would cross-reference names within the cache, but maybe they are separate software modules. I don’t know if this is a known issue, a bug, or a feature request. Any one else having to turn off DNS Caching to get name resolution rules to work for long periods of time?

Please turn off DNS Caching when you have a domain rule. Domain rule works based on the criterias below:

  • DNS Proxy enabled for Balance/MAX router.
  • LAN IP of Balance/MAX router will be used as DNS server IP for the LAN client.
  • DNS Lookup from the LAN client.

So when you turn on DNS Caching, Balance/MAX router will straightly return an IP address (when an IP is cached) to the LAN client without doing the name resolving externally. So, this will affect the function of the domain rule.