Domain Base Outbound policy


Hi Expert,

I currently working on the project that one isp need use peplink’s domain base outbound policy to direct specific traffic flow to decided ISP link.

Here is the question, we already knows that peplink’s domain base policy is use the IP address which capture from the DNS resolved IP and automate generate the ip base policy (please correct me if i’m wrong). So there is two question:

  1. How many packet will need for peplink to recognize the IP address?
  2. If the ip policy generated, how long will this policy keep, will it keep until the session send?
  3. If at the mean time, another user access the same domain but resolved different ip address, will it create a new IP based policy based on the resolved IPs beside the first one it created?


Donnie Li


We will store the resolved IP addresses once the return packets contain required info.

1 hour

The database will be updated.