Does UBR LTE support load balancing other than through Speed Fusion?

I have a situation where I ‘sometimes’ need high reliability throughput but most of the time don’t. I would like to save Speed Fusion bandwidth for those ‘important’ times but am still looking for some options for load balancing or other helpers for managing the connections during less important times.

I’ve taken a stroll through the manual but it’s not entirely clear what this particular model supports. Can anyone clarify?

btw, I currently have 1 sim card to go in the Pep unit and have another connection via wired ethernet. These are the 2 internet connections that I have available at the moment.

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Peplink Multi-WAN routers are load balancers that can also provide Speedfusion bonding.
So yes you can use load balancing only. Or combine load balancing for all traffic with SpeedFusion for some.

This is normally done using outbound policies. I have an old post here that shows how some of that outbound policy magic can be used

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Great! I looked over your post and it helps fill in a few gaps. That said, I now have a UBR LTE in hand and have a more specific question.

I would like to route all traffic to the WAN port (ethernet) EXCEPT for Zoom call traffic OR when the WAN connection fails altogether (a DNS lookup test probably). I don’t see Zoom in the ‘protocol selection’ drop down menu when making an outbound rule. I think that this protocol selection exists in other Pep devices?? Is there a good way to set this kind of route up?

Check this video out

Some application steering rules have to be configured on InControl2 the management platform.

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