Does the Pepwave Max-Br1-LTE-V-T work with ATT

I was wondering it the MAX-BR1-LTE-V-T works with ATT. Does anyone know the settings all i get is obtaining IP Address but it never obtains my IP address. Trying to figure out the settings.

  • Sim card I am using has unlimted data from ATT and its coming from a tablet
  • installed the latest firmware on the pepwave
  • Need Help please anyone
    -Device Picks up my sim card IP just say obtaining IP Address but it never finds it left it on for 20 minutes but nothing ( no internet connection)
    -placed the sim card back into my ATT USB Dongle and I am able to obtain internet without a problem.

If this is the V-T model this is a Verizon only device. This model has been replaced with the BR1-LTE-US-T which supports all carriers in North and South America including AT&T LTE.

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