Does Surf SOHO have QOS User Groups?

I’m a new owner of a Surf SOHO. Reading the user manual I believe I should be able to find User Groups under Advanced > QOS. But all I see is Bandwidth Control and Application. Is this expected?

Happy to provide requested details, but here’s some pulled from the Status tab:
Model Pepwave Surf SOHO Product Code SUS-SOHO
Hardware Revision 2

Firmware 6.3.0 build 1967

I believe I have found the answer: That the User Groups feature is not included in low end PepLink products, which the Surf SOHO certainly is. I base this on reading this: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum.

I admit disappointment, because this was the most interesting feature to me for selecting the Surf SOHO. I respect the reasoning, both the hardware performance and commercial reasons, but all the documentation I read before purchasing seemed to say some form of groups based QOS was available in the Surf SOHO. My point: Documentation could be made clearer that this feature is not in the Surf SOHO. Even so, the Surf SOHO is an amazing device for home use, making home-competition like Linksys and D-Link, etc. look like toys in comparison.

Hi William,

This is a general user manual for Max and Surf product family. I got you point. We shall improve our documentation in future. Thank you for your advice.

And you are right, Surf Soho doesn’t support User Group for Qos.