Does Pepwave Max 700 make Bonded Internet (bandwidth aggregation) in stand alone?

Hi sir,

I bought Pepwave Max 700 to get bonded internet by using the 4 USB modems.

Then when I try to test the speed of aggregated connection, It only gives me Max speed of one Modem.

To illustrate for you let us see my case.

I have 2 wireless 3G modems. Each has a speed of 3-5 mbps. So what i want is to get 6-10 mbps by using Pepwave Max 700.

But It is gives me a speed of 4 to 5 mpbs. Even if I change the Outbound policy to weighted method, I can’t get the full maximum speed of each modems.

What do I have to do?

Please advice me. I didn’t use VPN.


You need to use SpeedFusion to get the bonded bandwidth. You will need a Peplink Balance router on the other end to create the SpeedFusion VPN.

Hi Ammar

Jeffrey is correct. In order for any Internet connection to be bonded, one will need two devices, one on either side of the Internet connections. These devices must break down the communication packets, send them over the different links, and then reassemble and check them on the other end. This is made possible with Peplink’s SpeedFusion.

Although you will not have a bonded connection with only the Max 700, you will still get the benefit of all of your connections by configuring the outbound load balancing algorithms optimally. With 3G/4G (and its different speeds and latencies) it is sometimes better to only perform load balancing, and get the best out of each separate connection.

Please note that a speed test will not give you the real speed that you will get with all of your connections. As you’ve noted, it will only use one connection for the test.

Thanks guys for your prompt reply.

Regarding the configuration of the outbound load balancing, I have tried to use weighted method. It uses both of available modems.
For example when i download a file, (according to Pepwave Real Time Report) the total speed of download is 4 Mbps. This total speed comes by using both of the USB modems. Each modems use average of 2 Mbps in this situation.

But when I try to download a file, by using one modem only, it’s download speed is 4 Mpbs.

So What do I have to do to get maximum speed of each separate connection?


Ummm… one possible reason is that the two 3G connections share a fixed pool of bandwidth. This is not uncommon for cellular links. Are they from the same carrier?

What I will try is

  1. Connect 3G #1 to one laptop, and 3G #2 to another laptop
  2. Then do a HTTP speed test and HTTP download on 3G #1
  3. Record the speed
  4. Re-do step 2-3 for 3G #2
  5. Finally do a HTTP speed test and HTTP download on both laptop #1 and laptop #2, simultaneously.

This should give us an idea of 3G #1’s and 3G #2’s real-life capacities.

Can i ask something different??
Can i use the Max 700 or the MAX HD2 for content filtering? For example can i “cut” the video streaming (like youtube)to the stuff except the manager?

You can use the firewall to block access to unwanted sites, and the Bandwidth Management feature to reserve/guarantee/cap bandwidth to individual clients based on their IP.

Yes, but can i do this with one maX HD2 or must i have 2 of them??

I repeat that i want to manage the bandwidth as admin (for example to cut the video streaming to specific users) .Am i fully covered for this from Advanced QoS or not?

You can manage the bandwidth with a single MAX 700/HD2, but it is based on IP address not protocol or traffic type. So you can limit the bandwidth for specific users based on their IP address, but it will apply to all traffic not just video streaming. The MAX 700/HD2 are not designed to be content filtering devices.

Thank you!!

I am doing live stream Business and i am doing this with 1 USB Modem.But for more bandwidth its not i found peplink max. I am New to this Technology.after reading the forum and guides i understand i need Balancing and bonding router and Pepwave Max On-The-Go 3G/4G Router with Load Balancing & Speedfusion. correct me if i am which balancing and bonding router suites me best. my Router throughput should be 35 to 50Mbps. Or Please suggest me for another one.