Does Peplink LAN support secondary IP

I have a customer who is running on 2 range IP, at WAN portion they have Cisco router ( acting as gateway for both range of IP in single interface) connecting to switch and goinf to few firewalls.

I recommending them to use Peplink for load balancing/backup WAN. How can I implement Peplink here with just minor changes in firewall.

Please help

If there are multiple networks on the LAN side of the Peplink, a layer 3 device will be required to route to the additional networks. It might be possible for you to use the existing Cisco router for this. A secondary IP address cannot be configured on the LAN interface of the Balance.

Hi Ron

I also have a client that has multiple LAN ranges and wondered if this feature is something that you will look at in future.

The ability to do this with VLAN tagging support on the LAN side has been a feature requested by many. We expect it to be in future firmware releases.