Does Peplink Balance support IPv6?

I would like to know whether Peplink Balance support IPv6 or not.

If yes, how to configure?

If no, when can it support?


Hi Edwin,

Currently our Peplink Balance IPv6 support is still in the road map.

This feature will be available in Q4 2011.


Thanks for your answer, Eric.

If we purchase peplink balance currently, it cannot support IPv6.

But we will enable this feature in peplink balance by upgrading the firmware later, right?

Hi Edwin,

Yes, the feature will be available by a firmware upgrade.


All Peplink device doesn’t support IPv6? Do we need to change the device once available or just upgrade the firmware? What about the device is more then a year and did not sign any TotalCare? Q4 2011 is over and now is 2013…:frowning:

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it’s all okay, but if one of the 3 USB modems goes bad, and latency grows over 700ms all the rest is affected, and my streaming simply stops or gets really choppy.
My workaround to this issue is a manual one, I keep an eye to the latency, if one goes bad I simply remove the bad USB from the hardware or I change it to a lower priority on Dashboard, this removes it from speedfusion bonding and everything goes well again.

I am studying Peplink Balance. I would like to know whether we can create a new user group since three default groups (Manager, Staff and Guest) is not enough. But I cannot find a button to “create” a new user group.