Does Balance TWO support Max Adapter ?


Does Balance TWO support Max Adapter ?
And does it make sense to use it?

The Balance Two will work fine with an Adapter. The only limitation I see that the USB bus specification may limit throughput in some cases. Example: If one uses a 5G Adapter the Adapter will “see” the benefits of 5G but the bus is not fast enough to support full 5G speeds (in so far as they may exist.) This is not a design limitation on Peplink’s part – I think they have merely implemented the USB per spec.

Experience: We have a 5G Adapter attached to a Balance 380 at one location – works perfectly. This is in a marginal signal environment and we appreciate what the device is doing for us.

Yes , it’s supported. You can refer to the following URL for the supported models.

It’s the faster way for you to have the Cellular connection for device model that doesn’t have embedded Cellular module