Does anybody use the content blocking feature?


Does anybody use the content blocking feature? I find it extremely useless when it comes to blocking the correct type of content and websites, and at times it blocks websites that have no relation to what was configured to be blocked.

Since when is considered a porn site?


There is supposed to be a feature in 6.3.2 per the release notes that will let us download the list of sites that content blocking references. Unfortunately that feature is missing. I’ve got a ticket open with Peplink and they are investigating it for me. I plan to look into this myself once I can pull the list as I’ve seen some inconsistencies and errors.


Investigation into the impacted content filtering features in firmware 6.3.2 is currently underway. I had a URL blocked for pornography at home as well and the content was anything but. We are working diligently to get this resolved as quickly as possible.



Dueling with content blocking categories is a tedious job (million URLs) and this most properly is false positive for the URL being categories. This definitely will be improve from time to time.

Recommended if you found the URL is not being properly categories, do let us know and we will revisit the URL content.

Beside that, you are allow to exempt the URLs from the Web Blocking. For more information, please refer to the URL below:

Thank You


In order for the option to obtain the list of blocked sites to appear content filtering must be enabled. Once a category, like Ad Blocking or Pornography, has been selected for filtering save and apply the changes. The device will require an internet connection to obtain the most recent list available. After the device has downloaded the list for itself the option to obtain it from the device will be present on the Status page.

Please let us know if you experience any additional trouble with this, thank you.


Thanks for the quick response! Looks good to me now.