Documentation issues in Firmware ​7.1 ​Beta Release ​Notes

Regarding the Firmware ​7.1 ​Beta Release ​Notes dated Nov. 21, 2017

Page 2 says “To ​find ​the ​hardware ​revision ​of ​your ​Device, ​please ​navigate ​to Status ​> ​Device ​of ​your ​Web ​UI.” This is not true with Surf SOHO MK3. Although it is the 3rd hardware edition, the “Hardware Revision” field says its number 1 . You need to look at the Model field to see the MK3.

The New Feature reference 13586 says “[IPsec] Added ​IKEv2 ​support”. Is this an IKEv2 client, server or both?

Thank you.

The IKEv2 support refers to IPsec Site-to-Site VPN, which discussed in one of the posts.

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