Docker/Raspberry Pi in a BR1

More intelligence at the edge is becoming a more frequent request that I am hearing.
I have a customer that needs a router that has a Raspberry Pi (or similar) built into a BR1 style chassis.
The Mediafast Docker might work but only single SIM (and lower price!) is needed.
Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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Hi Rory.
We make a cloudcase with a BR1 and a Rspberry Pi in it for exactly this purpose. PM me the specs for your use case and we’ll get you sorted. :wink:

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Hey that’s interesting.
I’m thinking the same as you guys. It would be excellent if there was a model like the Icomera has with the resources to run a linux VM onboard.

I was at the IoT Tech expo at Olympia and came across a few units, from a number of different manufacturers, that now have on-board scripting (python, lua, bash) and can also run Linux MQTT, Azure and Ubidots IoT Clients.
These are going to change the opex landscape as the intelligence can be pushed to the device and so only changes in data are sent rather than all data; over cellular this can make a large difference.

Anyone have any use cases for this? I’ve one customers who needs them in remote CCTV solutions.

You know when you see a company trying to sell a service / product and they are using a Raspberry Pi with a 4G dongle plugged in and you think to yourself man - there is so much they don’t know about how much more you can do with a dedicated, well managed, feature rich cellular routing device for connectivity?

I’m pretty sure that’s how those single board computer guys think when they see code being run on a small router.

Don’t get me wrong, when the routing platform is dripping with hardware resources and cpu cycles because its under utilised I’m all for some form of additional platform virtualisation and from what I’ve seen of the MBX and its SSD slots I expect that is coming sooner rather than later on that platform, but the BR1 is already such a large feature-set in such a small, sensibly priced package I’m not sure whether I’d like Peplink to try and shoe horn in any docker / local coding environment in case it unbalances all of that.

You are right though that everyone is saying its the device ‘fog’ that’s coming with compute and intelligence at the edge, so who knows, if demand builds for this kinda thing I’m sure Peplink will address it.