DNS over VLAN issue after Firmware 7.0 update

I am using a Balance 305 and just updated to firmware 7.0. My Guest WiFi uses a VLAN and has lost all internet connectivity. Upon further investigation it seems that DNS lookup is being blocked. This is only the case on the VLAN and not on the untagged lan.

I have triple checked the DNS settings and cannot identify the actual cause except that outgoing DNS traffic is likely to be blocked. I deleted all the firewall rules to ensure that these were not the cause even though it was working before the update.

I can ping the internet without issue and have created a few manual DNS entries in the HOSTS file which work as expected.


arrrg… I figured out the cause was my error. In unsuccessfully trying to block a particular site from the vlan which is excluded from content blocking, I created a bad firewall rule in the SSID settings under Firewall. I had not seen this subsection when I deleted all the firewall rules mentioned earlier.

I could not find a way to just delete this post entirely. Ooops.

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Glad you got it working :+1:

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Happens to us all buddy. Glad you found it. This post may be helpful to folks in the future.

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