DNS not resolved when VPN'd through Balance 20

I am attaching to my corporate VPN from a company laptop. We use PAN Global Protect. I have a Balance 20 that uses a 4G usb (verizon) as my only source of internet. When I VPN to work, some internal sites are not allowed to pass through. Internal sites like Bugzilla and Github don’t seem to resolve. I can ping them successfully.

If I connect to the vpn using my phone as a mobile hotspot, they works just fine. They are on the same cell plan, shouldn’t be any difference there.

I am not able to locate any error logs on the Balance to point to the problem. I am very comfortable with SSH console if someone can point me to a few troubleshooting steps. Perhaps if TCPDump is available?

I attached my laptop directly to the LAN port on the Balance to eliminate my wireless routers as the source of the problem. It appears 443 and self signed certs are the common thread.


Hi Stephen,

  1. What DNS server IP you get of your VPN adapter? DNS server IP assign by the VPN concentrator?

  2. Any different of DNS server IP when connect VPN via B20 and phone?

  3. What IP (private or public IP) you resolve of internal sites when you connect VPN via phone?

  4. You ping internal sites by private IP when you connect via B20?