DNS Lookups to the Balance 30 Local Records Are Failing

Balance 30 6.3.0 build 3100.

In the ‘Local DNS Records’ field in LAN Network Settings I have added various records. However I can never get client hosts to resolve the names entered here.

We have an intermediary router that the clients default to. This router’s default route and its DNS entry both point to a LAN interface on the Balance 30.

See attached screen shot. Anything I’m doing wrong here?


May I know what is the DNS IPs that configured on client device?

Client is configured with only the for DNS, which is also the DG. The DNS is configured for, as its DG.

  1. Just curious why you need to configure so many IP addresses on the PC’s network adapter?

  2. Managed to ping from the PC? If so, please change DNS IP to on the PC. Managed to resolve test.mydomain.com after changed the DNS IP in PC?

Ha ha. This particular computer must access a number of L3 subnets on one single L2 network. DNS issue occurs on other devices as well though, so the IP stack on this computer is not the source. ;>

OK, that works.

But why? Given that DNS resolution of all public domains is working from the clients, I assume the gargoyle intermediate router is forwarding properly.

At first I was thinking the gargoyle won’t forward a look-up if the IP of test.mydomain.com being looked up is on the same subnet as the gargoyle. But the gargoyle doesn’t know the IP at that point. It doesn’t know that test.mydomain.com is a local address. So it should forward to the Balance.

Problem solved, but if you have an idea as to this behavior I’d be curious to know.


Base on the test that you had performed, confirmed that local DNS records is work as expected. I would suggest you may check gargoyle intermediate router to further confirm whether DNS queries for “test.mydomain.com” is forwarded to Balance.

Thank You