DNS lag on load balanced Balance 380

We have a Balance 380 with two WAN connections in a load balance configuration for inbound. I have two NS records created for several domains and we have them pointed to the peplinks and working fine. I’ve tried all manner of configuration including 50/50 100/0 weighting of the DNS but we have random “lag”. What I mean by lag is that randomly DNS queries take abnormally long causing the name to not resolve. We have an app that is fairly sensitive to external DNS lookup of our web server and of course, it randomly times out and doesn’t send us what we need. I’ve narrowed this down to the dns issue by setting the external application to use the IP address of the primary connection but that negates the failover we need. We’ve resorted to looking at a 3rd party DNS load balancing solution but I prefer the peplinks because of the link detection and how fast the connection is seen to be down allowing a quick failover.

Any thoughts on this? We are on 6.3.4 build 3613 since our hardware is the older model and can’t go to 7.x.

This sounds unusual. Please open a support ticket with us here so we may investigate the issue.

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