Distribute DHCP Leases Based on MAC Address

Please add the function of allowing DHCP leases to be distributed based on mac addresses’ first 4-6 digits. This would greatly help with configuring VoIP phones to be on the appropriate VLAN


This is supported in our DHCP Reservation. Please do it via Network > Network Settings > DHCP Server > DHCP Reservation.

Terribly sorry I didn’t clarify further. MAC addresses based on the first 4-6 digits with wildcards. For example, all Polycom phone begin with the same first 4 digits. If I could distribute DHCP based on those first 4 digits I would then be able to automatically assign the ip address from a VoIP VLAN and eliminate a fair amount of manual configuration.


This is quite challenging. Normally system will reserve IP based on full MAC address. This is because MAC address is unique for a device. If based on the first 4-6 digit, the system will have difficulty in assigning IP since there is no unique entity for system to recognize. May be you can share your thought to achieve this?

Alternatively, you may pre-defined all IPs you want to reserve in notepad. Then paste into DHCP Reservation section in our box. This will more simple to add a batch of reserved IPs. Please find the screen shot below for better understanding.

  1. Pre-defined all the related Name, Mac-address and IP in notepad then follow screen-shot below

  2. Copy and paste the info from notepad to DHCP Reservation section.

  3. Follow the screen shot below

  4. Done

Hope this help.

Like this:


Thanks for the info. We will take a look on this.