Display Modem Web Page on WAN through Balance 20

Hello there.

I have a Balance 20.

One WAN 2 I have an ADSL Modem, which has an HTTP interface.

Sometimes, when the WAN connection goes down it coudl be because the PPP session went, or worse, the Sync was also lost on the ADSL.

So, from my Balance LAN 10.0.0.x I would like to see the Modem on

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you!


You could try creating an outbound rule based on that destination IP, source can be Any. For the algorithm choose enforced to WAN2.

I have tried the steps you outlined, but that doesn’t work.

So I assume the ADSL modem is in bridge mode and the PPP authentication is being handled by the Peplink? Please confirm.

Also, what is the LAN IP address of the Peplink?

Hi Tim,

you are exactly correct. My current ADSL modem is in Bridge Mode and the Peplink does indeed handle the PPP.

My Peplink is on


Please refer to similar Feature Requests here. This is in our roadmap to be support in future. Stay tuned.

Thank you for the prompt reply. 3 years is a long development time. I hope it will not take as long for firmware 6.2.1 to be released.

Best regards,


Hi Neal,

There is many feature requests on hand and queue up based on priority. We are trying our best to satisfy all our customer. :slight_smile:

Sure, I understand. I am otherwise very happy with the performance of my device.