Disaster recovery (DR)

Please Help me
How to Deployment pep vpn tunnel fail over for disaster recovery (DR) Site.
I want to fail over pep vpn tunnel when DC site was down.
How should i do ?

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  1. Install devices in datacenters and create PepVPN profile(s) for your remote device(s)
  2. Create PepVPN profiles for both Datacenters on remote device(s) - on DR site profile set cost to be more than the profile for the primary site (ie 11 for DR site profile, 10 for primary).



Can you explain me more facts about DC and DR on Peplink?

Can you share with us your use case and requirement for Disaster Recovery? We can then advise the suitable solution for you.

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Hi @MartinLangmaid ,

We have DC and DR. Now, the issue is that if DC was down, we need to forward the SpeedFusion tunnel to DR. How to configure in Peplink devices to forward to DR.



I will assume DC & DR will having the same networks that DR will backup for DC that only up when DC is down.

You can use the PepVPN/SpeedFusion tunnel cost to decide which site/tunnel become DC or DR connection:


In addition to @sitloongs reply, if you use InControl to configure the Speedfusion profiles you can use the disaster recovery" option.

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