Disabling and re-enabling Remote User configuration results in loss of user profiles

This could be a feature, but it is functioning for us as more of a bug. We use the VPN server on occasion to allow users access to our network. However, we don’t keep this door open at all times. We selectively enable VPN access when needed and then we disable the access when the need is done. However, this enable, disable, re-enable action erases all user profiles that are set up during the enabled, active use.

Is this intentional?

It would be great if VPN user profiles aren’t completely deleted but are made inactive instead. That would keep the user data (user name, password, etc.) in place and still require an extra check box to re-enable the profile.


This is suspected behavior and NOT a bug. Once Remote VPN feature is disabled, the accounts associated to the feature would be deleted as well. I will move this to feature request for better exposure.

It would be a time saver for those shops that like to keep tighter control on VPN access but don’t want to go re-create the same logins and passwords each time.

Thanks for considering.


You can actually save the user accounts info in XML format for future usage. For more information, please refer to the screenshots as attached.

Thank You

This “export and import” is still cumbersome. Here is another user that occasionally enables the (PPTP) VPN server and disables it when there is no use for it. Please consider adapting to user behaviour.

Thanks. I didn’t realize that was an option.