Difference in CPU capability with oder and new hardware on the 710

I’ve got a 710 which is several years old and on 6.2.2 firmware. We are finding that with two 300Mbps circuits and a 150Mbps circuit, we are topping out at about 350Mbps on speedtests and almost 100% CPU. The 710 is showing 400Mbps which is pretty much the limit from what we can see. If I upgrade it to a new 710, how much faster is the router?


Latest hardware revision B710’s are rated for 2.5GB of throughput.

Thank you. What was the rating on the router I have?


Hi Rory, I believe the original was rated for 400Mbps but a lot depends on how many users/active sessions are on the network. You would benefit by upgrading to the latest and greatest or maybe even going to the 1350. -Tim

What about the throughput on the 580? I really only need 3 1Gbps WAN ports. Will they hit at least 700Mbps if they aren’t doing anything but NAT for internet?

Hi Rory

For more information on the throughput on Balance 580 or other models, you may refer to the following link.


Thank you
Chun Fatt