DHCP - DHCP Relay - Address reservation


Is it possible to make setup with following way:

  1. Main Peplink 580 router, with active DHCP option - lets say this will be called R1
  2. 5 Peplink delivices such as MAX on the GO, Peplink 380, Peplink 580 - Lets call them (s1, s2, s3, s4, s5)

S1-S5 are connected over PeepVPN to R1… Is it possible that R1 lease IP (DHCP) or over reservation (MAC), to clinets connected through S1 - S5: , as I need to move sometimes client from S1 to S5, but it will keep same MAC, I need to have static rule for that MAC address ?


I think this is what I need but it is imposible for me to make configuration on peplink 580. When PepVPN is esablished do I need to enable forrawrd all traffic, on clinet side router any help ?


I think layer 2 speedfusion will work better for your case.
In your L2 setup, DHCP should only be enabled on R1, and disabled from S1-5. Clients from S1-5 will all receive IP address from R1, hence from there you’ll be able to make DHCP reservation based on MAC address of the client device.