Devices connected via WiFi unable to print

Laptops and PCs previously connected to Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 (8.0.0 build 1429) via ethernet now connect via WiFi.

  • The laptops and PCs were on network 192.168.50.x when connected via ethernet (Network 1).
  • The printers are on network 192.168.52.x. which are connected to the network via WiFi (Network 2)
  • The laptops and PCs are now on network 192.168.54.x when connected via WiFi (Network 3).

Note: The printers cannot be connected via ethernet as they are in a location with no ethernet ports.

Each of the networks have been setup as VLANs. Layer 2 isolation has been enabled for the access points.

Network 1 and Network 2 had been configured with inter-vlan enabled. The firewall rules permitted specific laptops for instance to print e.g. (laptop) to print to (printer). This worked successfully.

When the laptops and PCs migrated across to WiFi, the inter-VLAN between Network 1 and Network 2 was disabled and instead it is now setup with inter-VLAN communication between Network 2 and Network 3. The firewall rule for the laptops have been updated to (laptop) to (printer). Printing no longer functions.

If the laptops are reverted back to the Network 1 and the firewalls are rolled back i.e. (laptop) to print to (printer) , users are able to print again.

Dear @RyanH,

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First question. Does your printer require Bonjour/mDNS to work properly?

To be sure of the configuration, I would want to see your settings. Please also upgrade the firmware to the latest v8.0.2, check again and share such screenshots:

  • Network/Network Settings/LAN section;
  • Network/Port Settings/Port Settings section;
  • AP/Wireless SSID/SSID click/SSID Settings section including advanced (from question mark). Both SSID needed;
  • Advanced/Firewall Access Rules/Your mentioned rules.


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Turn this off. Does it all work as expected?

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No, it doesn’t.

You mentioned opening the firewall from laptop 54.100 to printer 52.100. Did you open it in the other way both directions? This sounds like a firewall issue, maybe one way communication. Can you completely open the firewall to test?

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The firewall rules are the same. The IP addresses were swapped. If they are reverted back to the original IP address, it works.